What is SitNPlay Games?
Who is eligible to compete in SitNPlay Games competitions?
How does SitNPlay Games work? Can I actually win real money?
How much does SitNPlay Games cost?
Is SitNPlay Games legal?
The legality of the game of skill.
What are ad-hoc matches?
What are Tournaments?
What game modes are supported?
In what regions are SitNPlay Games servers located?
How does the platform work?
How to play ad-hoc matches?
How to check ad-hoc open lobbies?
How to play Tournaments?
How to check the Open Tournaments?
Can I play for free?
Can I play for real money?
Can I create a private lobby?
Which places can I play?
What happens if one of the players does not enter the match?
What happen if someone gets disconnected while playing a match?
How do I know that my opponents aren't cheating?
What is Ticket?
Can I convert Ticket to real money?
How can I deposit?
How do withdrawals work?
How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?
What is SitNPlay Games' refund policy?
In addition to Competitions, what other services are offered by SitnPlay Games?
How does Rent work?
What are the advantages of Rent?
How does Learn work?
How is Learn managed?
What is Affiliate Program?
What are the benefits of this program?
What is the bonus generation schedule?
How do I get my bonus?
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How can I contact SitNPlay Games?
How can I report an error or submit feedback?
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